Monday, July 2, 2012

It's Pronounced Lie-Berry

So my bff/gf/housemate and all around wonderful human being is studying to be come a lie-berry-an. So, I figured I would get her her very own lie-berry (yeah, I just correctly used the same word twice in a row). Enter the Little Free Library.

The first step in any big engineering project is the drawings (actually, that is close to the last step, but who is telling this story anyway??? Shutup and listen... er, read)

Now we frame it:

And yes, it is very hard to work in the shop on a nice day with the view of my hammock.
But, no fear, I put up the paneling:

Now for the calking and edging to "waterproof" it:

I unfortunately bought too much edging. Grrrr:

And my 20 Year old sanding belt failed.
They just don't make tools to last :(
Now for Paint:
Soo cute!
Take that! And PAINT!
The paint chip was more subdued...
Add a roof:

and a door:

Plant it in the ground:

Seed it and see what will grow...


  1. one thing you should do is give up this silly measurement system... just sayin'. nice little thingy you made though.

    and J.Strange & Mr.Norrel is an amazing book, and I still owe you a book...

  2. Since lumber here only comes in "Barbarian" units I don't have much choice.
    But it is worse than you think it is. The units are fractional, not decimal.